Canadian Pipeline Fusion Technician Certification Program

The Pipeline Fusion Technician Certification Program (the Program) provides the necessary documentation of personnel for companies operating in the oil and gas pipeline sector who construct pipelines from non-metallic materials. The program provides necessary verifications for demonstrating compliance with competency obligations identified in sections 3, 12 and 13 of the CSA Z662-19. The Program structure is operated in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17024 for Conformity assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons. Technical assessment is conducted in accordance with the ISO 19480 guidelines.

The program issues certification based on the assessment of an individual’s performance on code qualification, technical qualification and procedure qualification examinations.

The program includes 3 Levels certification and a standardized procedure registry.

Program Elements

1. Level 1 Fusion Technician

This is the entry-level for those wishing to pursue a career in fusion.  After activation of a level 1 Fusion Technician registration, applicants have 180 days to provide the necessary documentation to achieve a Certificate of Qualification. Documentation includes evidence that the applicant has attained appropriate qualification in regulatory, theoretical and practical skills, including:

  • General and industry safety for the specified work and work environment,
  • General concepts and content for the CSA Z662,
  • Material, pipe size and equipment characteristics and handling for the desired fusion procedure endorsement.

*This level 1 qualification provides specific limitations for the work that can be conducted.

2. Level 2 Fusion Technician

Certified Level 1 Fusion Technician who have obtained an advanced code qualification by examination and have conducted in excess of 100 supervised joints for their endorsement(s) may apply for a level 2 Fusion Technician Certification. Level 2 Fusion Technicians are deemed capable** of working with limited or no supervision and additionally capable** of providing supervision to Level 1 Fusion Technicians.

Registrants for this qualification must provide evidence of:

  • A valid CPAC Level 1 Fusion Technician Certificate of Qualification,
  • Acceptable evidence of the required number of joints for each requested endorsement,
  • Complete a code qualification exam for section 13 of the CSA Z662.

*This level 2 qualification provides specific limitations for the work that can be conducted.
**Subject to the company competency management system requirements.

3. Register a Fusion Procedure Qualification (FPQ)

This program is available to companies wishing to have their FPQ’s standardized for identification on Technician endorsements. FPQ’s are registered to the company with a unique identifier. This registration program provides the mechanism for fusion inspectors to easily verify individual qualifications on worksites by comparing fusion technician’s endorsement cards to standardized or company registered procedures.