CPAC Level 2 :
Pipeline Fusion Technician for the Z662-15 Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems

To achieve this Certificate of Qualification applicants are required to meet defined criteria including the passing of a supervised code examination. The intent of the examination is to verify the applicants knowledge and understanding of, and/or ability to use:

  • Z662 Table of Contents
  • Scope and Application of Non-Metallic Pipeline Construction requirements
  • Z662 section 3
  • Z662 section 13 as applicable to Joining and Fusion Procedure Qualification
  • Use of applicable annexes
  • Use of Reference Documents including the ISO 19480, ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code section IX and ASTM F3190
  • Z662 Management, Document Control and Evidentiary Requirements for Fusion Non-Metallic Joints
  • The Roles and Responsibilities of Pipeline Fusion Technicians

Applicants will be provided copies of the applicable Z662 sections for use during the exam. Any reference publications required for this exam will also be provided. Applicants are permitted to use hardcopy reference material from training courses. Electronic devices are not permitted to be used during the exam.

Prerequisites and Equivalencies:

There are no prerequisites required for this CPAC Level 2 qualification. Applicants are strongly advised to have a Level 1 Fusion Technician qualification prior to writing the exam. Training from industry publications and information sessions, online training courses, and lecture series may also be suitable. Exam questions may include some basic Z662 content questions.

The following courses have been deemed a suitable pre-study for this examination. This list is not exhaustive and does not constitute an endorsement of the training organizations or individual trainers. The list is provided in alphabetical order of published course name.

Course Name Length Provider Link
CSA Z662 Pipeline Welding Comprehensive 3 days CSA www.csagroup.org
Z662-15 Non-Metallic Pipeline Concepts 1 day NASA www.theothernasa.com
Z662-15 Distribution and Non-Metallic Pipeline Requirements 1 day NASA www.theothernasa.com