CPAC Level 2 :
HazLoc Concepts for Oil and Gas Industry Pipelines
and Facilities from the C22.1 – 18 Canadian Electrical Code

To achieve this Certificate of Qualification, applicants are required to pass a supervised examination. The intent of the examination is to verify the applicant’s knowledge and understanding of, and/or ability to use:

  • C22.1 Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) Table of Contents
  • Scope and Application of Hazardous Location requirements
  • CEC Terminology
  • CEC Reference Documents
  • Section 18 – Hazardous Locations
  • Appendix J – Rules and Notes to Rules for installations using the Class and Division system of classification
  • IEC 60079 standard series concepts
  • IEC 80079 standard series concepts
  • The Roles and Responsibilities of electrical professionals in relation to the scope of pipeline systems and facilities

Applicants will be provided copies of the applicable code and standard sections for use during the exam. Applicants are permitted to use hardcopy reference material from training courses. Electronic devices are not permitted to be used during the exam.


Applicants in possession of both a CPAC Level 1 Basic Concepts and Content qualification and a current dated IEC Ex 001 CoPC /or Compex qualification may apply for this CPAC Level 2 qualification under the equivalent qualification recognition program.


There are no prerequisites required for this CPAC Level 2 qualification. Applicants are strongly advised to have a CPAC Level 1 Basic Concepts and Content qualification prior to writing this exam. Training from industry publications and information sessions, online training courses, and lecture series may also be suitable pre-study. Exam questions may include some Z662 concept questions.

There are no equivalencies to this qualification.