Renew and Update Your Credentials by
Challenging the 2023 CSA Z662 Code Update Examination, or by
completing the 6 hour online Z662 Update Training, followed by the 2023
Code Update Examination

The CPA Council is made up of individual pipeliners who hold Council issued code qualification credentials to the CSA Z662, a National Standard of Canada.

To maintain the validity of their credential(s), members are required to write an online multiple-choice examination within 1 year of the publication of a new National Standard of Canada relating to Oil and Gas Pipelines, the CSA Z662.

In conjunction with the agreement between the Western Regulators Forum and CSA, CPAC will be facilitating free downloads of the CSA Z662 : 2023 edition.  Details to follow by the end of May 2023.

The 2023 CSA Z662 Code Update Exam

In order to meet international norms for the reciprocal recognition program, the examination now consists of 25 multiple choice questions. Applicants are permitted 1.25 hours to complete the examination. Each applicant is permitted 1 free rewrite included in the renewal fee.

The CSA Technical Committee has now approved the new 2023 edition of this Canadian National Standard and it has been forwarded for publication. It will publish prior to June 30, 2023.

To maintain the validity of your credential, Canadian Pipeliners holding current certificates must register and complete the examination no later that June 30, 2024. The cost for renewal, which includes the examination and updated certificates and id cards for the 2023 edition is $400.00. Your new credential will be valid until the 2027 cycle.

The 2023 CSA Z662 Code Update Training

The CPA Council has acquired the rights to a 6-hour online code update training course.

This training is optional and not a requirement to renew your credential, as many organizations provide code update training in-house. Pipeliners completing this training will receive a certificate of completion confirming 6 hours of technical code training.

The cost of this training is $600.00.

2023 CSA Z662 Code Update FAQs

Q. I just wrote my examination 2 months ago. Do I have to pay again?

A. NO. Any individual pipeliner who writes a code qualification examination within 12 months of a new code edition (June 30, 2022 to June 30, 2023) will not be charged for the update examination.
This waiver does not apply to the training course.

Q. Once I obtain the new CSA Z662, can I use it during the examination?


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