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International Pipeliner Competency Directorate Credentialling Recognition Program

In accordance with the ISO/IEC 17024 cl. 7.2.1, the National Pipeliner Registry hosts 3 online database containing certificate number verifications of individuals who carry current code qualifications, are certified as Pipeline Inspectors or Fusion Technicians. Each database contains a link to the qualification exam syllabus or certification scope. These databases are updated regularly to ensure accuracy, however, employers are advised to verify certificates are current dated at the time of work assignment and in accordance with corporate competency management requirements. For security and protection of personal information limited information is provided. Employers are invited to write for independent verification where a physical certificate provided by a potential employee or contractor appears to conflict with the database.

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Each code qualification list is formatted alphabetically by surname. Published information includes name, certificate number and sponsoring organization if applicable. Certification lists are also formatted alphabetically and include name, certificate number(s) and revision where applicable.
If you are unable to find your qualification or certification within the appropriate list, click/tap the button below to send us an email. Enter the requested information so your credentials may be added to the registry.
Please allow 10 days for corrections to appear. A representative may contact you for additional details.
Pipeliner Code Qualification Registry
Certified Pipeline Inspectors Registry
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Certified Pipeline Fusion Technicians Registry