Canadian Pipeliner Qualification Examinations

Anyone may challenge a code qualification examination to demonstrate their knowledge and comprehension of the regulatory and code requirements for an identified designation*. Certification of an applicant’s code qualification is a critical component for companies to demonstrate competency for the roles and responsibilities defined in their Safety and Loss Management System. Qualifications issued under this program do not infer any specific training or experience. Companies bear responsibility within their competency management programs to determine and assess the training, experience and any additional qualifications that may be required for the position or task assigned.

*Designations identified on a CPAC Certificate of Qualification are standardized based on the published syllabus content. Companies may require an individual to carry multiple designations to meet their specific internal competency criteria.

Qualification Level Qualification About Register Country Code
1 Level 1: Basic Pipeline Concepts and Content C / US
1 Level 1: LNG Concepts and Content C / US
2 Level 2: Pipeline Design and Material Concepts C
2 Level 2: Pipeline Construction Concepts C / US
2 Level 2: Pipeline Welding Concepts C
2 Level 2: Pipeline Operating and Integrity Concepts C / US
2 Level 2: Pipeline Quality Control Auditing and Inspection Concepts C / US
2 Level 2: Pipeline Distribution System Concepts C
2 Level 2: Pipeline Electrical System Concepts C / US
2 Level 2: Pipeline Facility Concepts C
3* Level 3: Pipeline Designer C
3* Level 3: Pipeline Construction Technician C / US
3* Level 3: Pipeline Welder C
3* Level 3: Pipeline Operating and Integrity Technician C
3* Level 3: API 1169 Pipeline Inspector ** C / US
3* Level 3: Pipeline Management System External Auditor C / US
3* Level 3: Pipeline Facility Construction Technician C
3* Level 3: Pipeline System Electrical Technician C / US
4* Level 4: Pipeline Project Manager C / US
4* Level 4: Lead Auditor – Pipeline Management System C / US
4* Level 4: Chief Pipeline Construction Inspector ** C / US
4* Level 4: API 1184 Pipeline Facility Construction Inspector ** C
4* Level 4: Pipeline Welding Inspector ** C
4* Level 4: Pipeline Coating Inspector ** C
4* Level 4: Pipeline Cathodic Protection Inspector ** C
4* Level 4: Trenchless Pipeline Installation Inspector ** C

*This designation may carry a prerequisite or require verification of elements in addition to the member registration and successful completion of the code theory examination. Applicants who are successful with the examination, but who have not yet met the prerequisite or evidentiary requirements will be provided an email confirming their mark and identifying any additional conditions that must be met for issuance of the Certificate of Qualification and listing on the Accredited Pipeliner index.

** Foreign issued API 1169 certificates are only considered a Level 2 credential for field application as the holder has not yet demonstrated their understanding of Canadian regulatory and technical requirements which differ from the country of issue. Under IPCD directives, a foreign API 1169 credential is accepted as a Level 3 for the purposes of meeting the prerequisite for writing a Level 4 Examination. Level 4 examinations are 3 hours in length and include verification of the applicant’s specific knowledge and ability to use Canadian pipeline Regulations, Codes and Standards. Canadian issued credentials, including API 1169 and API 1184 certificates will clearly identify the jurisdictional code of construction (example: CSA Z662) that was tested to meet mandatory requirements.

Exam Information

  • Examination cost is $400 + GST per exam. Assessment and national registration with the Accredited Pipeliner Index is included.
  • Initial CPAC membership is included with a perspective member’s first successful examination.
  • Update, Level 1 and Level 2 Examinations are 1 or 1 1/2 hours in length and may be written remotely online.
  • Level 3 and Level 4 and Examinations are 2 – 3 hours in length and must be written in person.
  • Examination start time and locations will be confirmed 7 days prior to the date of writing.
  • Applicants are requested to arrive 15 minutes prior for check-in and verification of identification.
  • External reference materials are not permitted.
  • Copies of allowable reference materials will be provided for use during the examination.
  • Government issued photo identification is required to be verified prior to writing.
  • Successful writers will receive a CPAC “Certificate of Qualification”, a wallet ID card and their endorsement will be added to the national registry.
  • Unsuccessful examination candidates will be provided training and/or study recommendations.
  • For certifications requiring prerequisites or submissions in addition to the theory examination, where verification of general pipeline experience is required, examination marks will be issued by email. The Certificate of Qualification will be issued after verification or attainment of the required prerequisites or submissions.

February 2024 – April 2024 Examination Locations and Dates

In Person examinations are scheduled by appointment. Once all appointments for an available date are booked, a new date will be added.
Test locations include Calgary AB, Edmonton AB, Grande Prairie AB, Kelowna BC, Prince George BC, and Vancouver BC.

Location Date
Edmonton, Alberta **2024: By Appointment
  July 30, 2024
Calgary, Alberta May 27, 2024
Grande Prairie, Alberta July 15, 2024
Kelowna, British Columbia July 18, 2024
Prince George, British Columbia July 16, 2024
Vancouver, British Columbia June 10, 2024

** Edmonton by Appointment: You will be issued a list of dates when examinations are being offered at the CPA Council offices in Edmonton. These dates are typically offered at 20 to 30 day intervals between publicly scheduled exam sessions. Writers are provided a private or semi-private room to write the exam.